Can I filter the results in Keyword Data API?

DataForSEO Google Keyword Data API provides results based on Google Ads API. Unfortunately, Google’s API does not provide any filtering options. For the sake of keeping the original data integrity, DataForSEO cannot introduce any filtration of the results in Google Keyword Data API.

However, if your project requires filtering the results, you can always store them in a database on your end, and filter them out on your own.

Alternatively, if you’d like to retrieve filtered data through API, we can suggest that you take a look at DataForSEO Labs API. It’s based on our proprietary keyword database of over 3.5 billion keywords, and it also provides keyword metrics based on Google Ads data.

DataForSEO Labs API offers a set of mission-tailored endpoints and has extensive filtering options. You can learn more about the functionality of DataForSEO Labs API from this article on our blog. You can also check our documentation for a detailed description of all parameters and filters.

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