Is SERP API working in real-time?

Yes, it does. What happens is you make an API call and our system checks the result immediately. The data gets recorded to our database, and depending on the method you used, our API either reports the results back to you straight away or you can reach the data on your own by a GET request. In other words, data is delivered in real-time for the specified search engine, language, and location.

real time data

Note that different methods of data delivery have different turnaround time. Depending on the method and priority you are using when setting a task, you will be able to retrieve the results in up to 6 seconds, 1 minute, or 5 minutes.

Yet, regardless of the method and priority you use, our system collects SERP data straight after you set a task. We don’t use any outdated databases to supply you with search engine data.

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