What’s the difference between rank absolute and rank group?

In DataForSEO SERP API, we indicate rankings in two different ways:

The parameter called “rank_absolute” shows the absolute position among all the elements found in SERP. In other words, when you get ads, organic results and local pack elements in one SERP, Rank Absolute will indicate the rank of each element counting all elements of all types found in SERP.

The parameter called “rank_group” shows position within a group of elements with identical type values. Put it simply, the Rank Group will count the rank of each ad in relation to other ads found in SERP, the rank of organic results in relation to other organic elements, and so on.

You can see the difference between “rank_absolute” and “rank_group” illustrated in the image below. Here we have all highlighted elements of different types, so all of them have one as the “rank_group” value. However, if there was a “paid” type, aka a text ad, instead of the shopping ad, then the second ad in SERP would have “rank_group”: 2.


Note that, Rank Absolute of elements placed on the right will be counted separately, starting from 1 assigned to the first element on the right. This is often the case for desktop searches when you get a knowledge graph or shopping ads placed on the right part of the screen as on the screenshot above.

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