Can I get separate Search Volume data for mobile and desktop?

If you are interested in device-specific search volume for Bing, we can easily provide you with distinct data through the Search Volume endpoint in Bing Keywords Data API. We are using Bing Ads API as the data source for this API, and, fortunately, Bing offers separate search volume values for different devices: mobile, desktop, and tablet.

If you are interested in DataForSEO Google Ads API, you will receive search volume values as they are provided through Google Ads API. Unfortunately, Google’s API does not supply device-specific search volumes. DataForSEO keeps the original data integrity for you, and accordingly, we cannot break down the search volume values.

However, we can suggest a possible solution for you.

As we’ve already mentioned, Bing Ads API provides separate search volume per device.

Even though Bing is a distinct search engine with a smaller share of users, some SEO software vendors succeed in scaling Bing’s data to estimate Google’s search volume for specific devices.

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