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Can I get the total number of results from Google?

Yes, you can. In the response from our SERP API, check the “se_results_count” field. It will show you the total count of results for a search query, like the number shown in the example screenshot below.

serp results count

The “se_results_count” field will be indicated in the results for any search engine supported in SERP API. In the results sample below, you can find the “se_results_count” after the “item_types” array:

  "version": "0.1.20210721",
  "status_code": 20000,
  "status_message": "Ok.",
  "time": "6.1466 sec.",
  "cost": 0.006,
  "tasks_count": 1,
  "tasks_error": 0,
  "tasks": [
      "id": "07291954-1535-0139-0000-14b9467fafcb",
      "status_code": 20000,
      "status_message": "Ok.",
      "time": "6.0569 sec.",
      "cost": 0.006,
      "result_count": 1,
      "path": [
      "data": {
        "api": "serp",
        "function": "live",
        "se": "google",
        "se_type": "organic",
        "language_code": "en",
        "location_code": "2840",
        "keyword": "chicken curry",
        "calculate_rectangles": true,
        "device": "desktop",
        "os": "windows"
      "result": [
          "keyword": "chicken curry",
          "type": "organic",
          "se_domain": "",
          "location_code": 2840,
          "language_code": "en",
          "check_url": "",
          "datetime": "2021-07-29 16:54:58 +00:00",
          "spell": null,
          "item_types": [
          "se_results_count": 336000000,
          "items_count": 103,
          "items": [...]