How to track rankings with SERP API?

By default, DataForSEO SERP API supplies up to 100 top results for the specified keyword from the search engine you selected. If you need to retrieve data only on a specific website to check its ranking position, you can easily do so with the help of our pre-made script. It’s available for PHP and Python.

First of all, the script should be stored on your server. When you will be setting a task, you should add “tag” and “pingback_url” parameters to the body of the POST request and specify them as follows:

  • Use “tag” to define the domain, URL, or web page you need data on
  • Use “pingback_url” to provide the URL path to our script stored on your server

Once the task you set is completed, you will receive the pingback.php file with the required results to your server.

Learn how the script works and download it >>

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