What technologies are available in Domain Analytics Technologies API?

Domain Analytics Technologies API offers wide coverage of technographic data, and the volume is constantly growing. Currently, our database contains 2,460 technologies.

To receive a full list of technologies supported by Technologies API, you can call the List Of Technologies endpoint.
Note that your account will not be billed for using this API.

In the API response, you will get a complete list of technologies. In the structure, you can see groups that are divided into categories, which in turn contain technologies. Some categories can belong to several groups, as well as technologies – to several categories.
Let us tell more about the difference between them.

1Group – is a general direction in which certain technologies are used. For example, "Sales", "Marketing", "Content", etc.

2Categories – are parts into which groups are divided. For instance, group "Sales" contains the following categories: "Ecommerce", "Payment processors", "Loyalty and rewards", and many more.

3Technologies – is the list of names of available technologies in a certain category.

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