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Adding include_subdomains to more Backlinks API endpoints

May,2 2024 17:15:54

Backlinks API
Adding include_subdomains to more Backlinks API endpoints

Enjoy greater flexibility and optimize your data retrieval with the include_subdomains parameter, now available across more endpoints in our Backlinks API. Here’s the list of additional endpoints where you can leverage it:

Timeseries Summary
New & Lost Timeseries
Bulk Pages Summary

When you use the include_subdomains field in your POST requests, you can specify whether to include (true) or exclude (false) the subdomains of the target(s) in the search and data calculation. By default, it is set to true.

With include_subdomains set to true the data is retrieved for the entire domain along with its subdomains, e.g. dataforseo.com + docs.dataforseo.com + trends.dataforseo.com.

To obtain backlink stats and other data for dataforseo.com only without docs.dataforseo.com + trends.dataforseo.com, set the include_subdomains parameter to false.

We hope this enhancement offers you a more customizable data retrieval experience. Explore our documentation for more details on the changes in listed endpoints.

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