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Average backlink metrics in DataForSEO Labs API

August,11 2022 14:00:58

DataForSEO Labs API
Average backlink metrics in DataForSEO Labs API

We are happy to announce the new improvement in DataForSEO Labs API.

Our development team has added the avg_backlinks_info object to the responses of the following endpoints:

Here’s what it looks like:

  "avg_backlinks_info": {
    "se_type": "google",
    "backlinks": 23.428571428571427,
    "dofollow": 16.714285714285715,
    "referring_pages": 22.714285714285715,
    "referring_domains": 14.857142857142858,
    "referring_main_domains": 13.714285714285714,
    "rank": 124.42857360839844,
    "main_domain_rank": 573.4285714285714,
    "last_updated_time": "2022-07-29 15:30:40 +00:00"


We’ve explained what this object is about and how its metrics are calculated in our Help Center article — don’t hesitate to check it out.

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