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New in Backlinks API: Referring Pages Nofollow

March,29 2024 17:48:26

Backlinks API
New in Backlinks API: Referring Pages Nofollow

Ever felt like you were missing an important puzzle piece when analyzing backlink profiles? With our latest update in Backlinks API, this will no longer be the case.

We’ve added a new metric to help you pinpoint the presence of nofollow attributes across referring pages. The referring_pages_nofollow field will show you the number of referring pages sending at least one nofollow link to the related domain or page. It accurately reflects the number of nofollow backlinks, and indicates the same number as the one you get in total_count of tasks set to the Backlinks endpoint with a ["dofollow","=",false] filter.

You can find the new referring_pages_nofollow field in the responses of the following endpoints:

Check our updated documentation and power up your backlink analysis with even more precise insights!

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