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Bing SERP API Advanced

February,2 2022 16:47:31

Bing SERP API Advanced

Bing is the second largest search engine with an increasing market share. Along with promising new audiences, Bing is also attracting SEOs and digital marketers with lower competition, in terms of both organic and paid campaigns. That is why we’ve decided to enrich Bing SERP API with the Advanced function, which includes the following SERP elements:


  • ‘organic’
  • ‘paid’
  • ‘answer_box’
  • ‘related_searches’
  • ‘people_also_search’
  • ‘local_pack’
  • ‘hotels_pack’
  • ‘carousel’
  • ‘events’
  • ‘featured_snippet’
  • ‘images’
  • ‘shopping’
  • ‘jobs’
  • ‘map’
  • ‘people_also_ask’
  • ‘questions_and_answers’
  • ‘recipes’
  • ‘top_stories’
  • ‘video’

From now on, you can obtain these elements using Bing SERP API Advanced. For more details, check out the documentation below.

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