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Bulk Pages Summary in Backlinks API!

April,25 2024 18:43:13

Backlinks API
Bulk Pages Summary in Backlinks API!

Get ready to streamline your workflow and maximize your budget! With the recently added Bulk Pages Summary endpoint in Backlinks API, you can obtain data for a bulk of up to 1000 targets in total, making a single API call.

Bulk Pages Summary endpoint provides a comprehensive overview of backlinks and related data for multiple pages, domains, or subdomains at once.

An extended version of this data per target is available in the Summary endpoint. However, it requires making separate requests for each target, which can result in mounting costs. In contrast, the new Bulk Pages Summary endpoint allows you to enjoy significant cost savings. You pay once for making a single request with 1000 targets ($0.02), and then for the data on each target in the results ($0.00003 per row).

It’s important to note that while the maximum number of targets is 1000, each API request to the Bulk Pages Summary endpoint can include a maximum of 100 main (root) domains. This means that, for example, dataforseo.com and docs.dataforseo.com would be counted as one main domain, while dataforseo.com and dataforseo.net would be counted as two main domains.

Check our documentation to start harnessing the power of bulk backlink data processing with our new cost-effective solution!

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