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Bulk Traffic Estimation endpoint

December,3 2021 12:37:21

DataForSEO Labs API
Bulk Traffic Estimation endpoint

We are glad to announce a new endpoint within DataForSEO Labs API.

Using the Bulk Traffic Estimation endpoint, you can obtain monthly traffic volumes for up to 1,000 domains. You will also get different values for paid search, featured snippet, and local pack results, along with organic search traffic estimations.

Here is an example of code:

"result": [
    "location_code": 2840,
    "language_code": "en",
    "total_count": 3,
    "items_count": 3,
    "items": [
        "target": "cnn.com",
        "metrics": {
          "organic": {
            "etv": 217332878.18734226,
            "count": 11786473
          "paid": {
            "etv": 0,
            "count": 0
          "local_pack": null,
          "featured_snippet": null


Traffic volume is calculated as the product of CTR and search volume values of all keywords the domain ranks for in a relevant category of search results (organic, paid, featured snippet, or local pack). 

Why use Bulk Traffic Estimation?

This endpoint is an excellent way to get traffic values for millions of domains and sort them by their real popularity on Google. There are different use cases on how to use our traffic estimations – from simple sorting benchmark to further insightful correlations based on domains’ traffic from search.

Besides traffic, you can also get the amount of SERPs which specific domain ranks for. It can serve as a good indicator that this domain is popular in search results.


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