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Country Data in Backlinks API!

March,30 2023 16:12:19

Backlinks API
Country Data in Backlinks API!

We’re happy to share we’ve added country data to Backlinks API!

This means that besides the top-level domain (TLD) data, you can now see the geographic distribution of backlinks by country.

In particular, you can obtain ISO country codes of the referring links in the referring_links_countries object of the following endpoints:

In addition to that, an ISO country code of the referring domain is now available in the domain_from_country field of the Page Intersection and Backlinks endpoints.

This addition to the Backlinks API is part of our ongoing efforts to provide the most comprehensive and useful data to you. We hope this feature will help you get even more valuable insights and better understand a website’s global reach.

For example, you can use the information on referring countries to power up some features of your tool with more precise geographic data. See the details in our open guide to building a backlink checker.

You can access the new fields immediately by making a call to one of the endpoints listed above. We recommend checking up with our docs to ensure the new response parameters are handled properly on your end.

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