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Enhanced URL Info in On-Page API Content Parsing

May,15 2024 15:32:39

On-Page API
Enhanced URL Info in On-Page API Content Parsing

Dive deeper into your content analysis with new urls arrays in the Content Parsing endpoints of On-Page API. These arrays contain comprehensive information on URLs and anchor text embedded within the parsed content.

You can locate the new urls arrays within the primary_content and secondary_content arrays in the responses of On-Page API Content Parsing and Live On-Page API Content Parsing endpoints.

Note: If you use On-Page API Content Parsing endpoint, don’t forget to set enable_content_parsing to true in your Task Post request.

Here’s the example structure of the new urls arrays:

  "urls": [
      "url": "https://dataforseo.com/",
      "anchor_text": "DATAFORSEO"
      "url": "https://dataforseo.com/blog/category/use-cases",
      "anchor_text": "Use Cases"

Check our updated On-Page API documentation to learn more!

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