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Errors endpoints in DataForSEO

March,29 2022 18:00:11

Errors endpoints in DataForSEO

We have great news! Each API of DataForSEO has been enriched with the Errors endpoint.

What is that about? The Errors endpoint provides information about specific API tasks that returned an error within the past 24 hours.

For example, if you have set tasks with webhooks (pingbacks and postback) but haven’t received them due to a server error, you can get their IDs with the SERP API Errors endpoint and use these IDs to resend webhooks.

See how to use the Errors and Webhook Resend endpoints to resend pingbacks and postbacks >>

Note that if a certain task does not appear on the list, this means the task did not respond with an error or has not been completed yet.

Ready to learn more? Check the docs below.

See the docs

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