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Filter by Keyword with Amazon Reviews API

November,22 2023 15:26:37

Merchant API
Filter by Keyword with Amazon Reviews API

We’re excited to announce an enhancement to our Amazon Reviews API! To further empower your Amazon reviews analysis and data extraction capabilities, we are introducing the filter_by_keyword parameter.

It allows you to fine-tune your data retrieval by focusing on reviews that contain specific keywords. This feature is especially useful if you require targeted insights on particular product features or if you’re interested in customer sentiments about a certain product aspects.

To leverage this new powerful parameter, simply include filter_by_keyword in your POST requests, providing a keyword in it. Note that you can specify up to 300 symbols in this field.

Example API Request with filter_by_keyword parameter:

        "language_code": "en_US",
        "location_code": 2840,
        "asin": "B0773ZY26F",
        "filter_by_keyword": "audio"

Explore our Amazon Reviews API enhanced with the new filter_by_keyword parameter by visiting our updated API documentation.

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