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French Language Support For Morocco

November,23 2023 18:59:41

DataForSEO Labs API
French Language Support For Morocco

Bringing some fantastic news! French language support is now live for both DataForSEO Labs API and DataForSEO Google Databases.

Now on top of getting data for Arabic language, you can extract insights that resonate with French-speaking audiences in Morocco.

When setting tasks to Google endpoints in DataForSEO Labs API, you can now indicate the following location and language parameters. You can check this data via the GET endpoint provided in the List of Locations and Languages for DataForSEO Labs API.

  "location_code": 2504,
  "location_name": "Morocco",
  "location_code_parent": null,
  "country_iso_code": "MA",
  "location_type": "Country",
  "available_languages": [
      "available_sources": [
      "language_name": "Arabic",
      "language_code": "ar",
      "keywords": 12165963,
      "serps": 1044622
      "available_sources": [
      "language_name": "French",
      "language_code": "fr",
      "keywords": 5157144,
      "serps": 1065392

When looking to purchase Google SERPs and Keywords Databases, you can now also select data for French language. After logging into your Account Dashboard, go to Database List, configure the necesssary database type, then select Africa under Regions or start typing Morocco in the Country column filter to see your options and download data samples.
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