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Open Guide to Building a Rank Tracker!

June,22 2023 16:02:26

Open Guide to Building a Rank Tracker!

DataForSEO is thrilled to announce the release of a new open guide to building Rank Tracking solutions!

It is designed to assist developers and SEO professionals in seamlessly integrating our data to create a comprehensive Rank Tracking dashboard, the cornerstone of effective search engine optimization.

Packed with visualizations and precise data integration instructions, the guide showcases a wide range of components.

rank tracker sections

To facilitate the development of a Rank Tracking dashboard, DataForSEO offers a range of APIs specifically tailored for this purpose:

  • SERP API: retrieve search engine results pages and extract valuable data.
  • DataForSEO Labs API: explore extensive information and historical stats from our databases via lightning-speed API access.
  • Keyword Data API: obtain comprehensive keyword data, including search volumes, suggestions, and related keywords.
  • On-Page API: access crucial on-page SEO data for the tracked website.

Our new guide also offers actionable examples of DataForSEO API requests necessary to bring up each particular feature.

rank tracker guide directions
Unlock the full potential of a Rank Tracking tool empowered with a resilient and cost-efficient data source! Our guide is completely free and available for everyone!

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