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Get Historical Technology Stats!

June,21 2023 17:30:47

Domain Analytics API
Get Historical Technology Stats!

We are excited to announce the release of a new Domain Analytics API endpoint – Technology Stats!

It is a great instrument for those who want to track the usage of a specific technology across the web over time.

With our new Technology Stats endpoint, you can easily obtain historical data on the number of domains that use a particular technology. You can then visualize the collected data on a graph to build a Usage Trend feature similar to the one offered by Wappalyzer.

wordpress usage trend

Tip: To compare the technology’s usage growth with its website’s traffic trend, you can try using the ETV metric from the Historical Rank Overview endpoint in DataForSEO Labs API.

Besides the feature above, you can also create a more powerful and detailed view of the technology’s usage history by country and language. This data is also supplied in the response of the Technology Stats endpoint for each given point in time.

What’s more, for each date, you will obtain the distribution of websites that use the target technology based on the domain rank ranges they fall into.

Don’t hesitate to review the docs for the Technology Stats endpoint and take our new solution for a spin!

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