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Indirect Links Supported in Backlinks API

February,6 2024 15:46:44

Backlinks API
Indirect Links Supported in Backlinks API

We’re thrilled to introduce a powerful enhancement to our Backlinks API – it now supports indirect links! Now, you can obtain data on indirect links that refer to the destination page either through redirection or by pointing to a canonical page.

We’ve added a new include_indirect_links parameter that allows you to unlock a more comprehensive view of backlinks data. When include_indirect_links is set to true, the results will encompass data on indirect links. To leverage this feature, simply update your payload parameters, adding "include_indirect_links": "true" when using the following endpoints:

Domain Pages Summary
Referring Networks
Referring Domains
Domain Intersection
Page Intersection

Additionally, two new parameters have been incorporated into the responses of both the Backlinks and Page Intersection endpoints:

is_indirect_link – indicates whether the backlink is an indirect link.
indirect_link_path – unveils a URL or URL sequence leading to the target URL.

With the support of this new parameters, you can now explore not only referring and destination links but also the in-between indirect links, gaining a more in-depth understanding of the linking landscape for your websites.

Stay ahead in your backlink analysis with the enhanced capabilities of DataForSEO Backlinks API! Dive into our documentation to learn more.

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