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Introducing DataForSEO Trends API

February,2 2024 19:14:32

Keyword Data API
Introducing DataForSEO Trends API

We are excited to unveil the latest addition to our Keyword Data API suite: the DataForSEO Trends API. This powerful solution utilizes our proprietary algorithm to provide you with dynamic insights into the keyword popularity trends over time and across specified regions.

DataForSEO Trends API currently supports keyword trends for Google Search, Google News, and Google Shopping. It allows analyzing the popularity of a single keyword and comparing the popularity of up to five terms at once.

How Our Algorithm Works:
Unlike Google Trends, our proprietary algorithm goes beyond sheer search volume. We identify pages from the selected trends type associated with a specific keyword and subsequently build a comprehensive graph that illustrates the keyword’s popularity across the Internet. This approach provides a more nuanced understanding of the keyword’s online presence.

Leveraging DataForSEO Trends API, you can track the popularity of search terms related to your industry or product, optimize your ad spend and evaluate the trending patterns of your competitors’ target keywords over time.

Dive into the details and start harnessing the power of keyword trend analysis by visiting our documentation.

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