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Introducing Email Preferences

June,3 2021 10:35:55

Introducing Email Preferences

We are glad to introduce a new feature in DataForSEO – email preferences.

Email preferences allow subscribing to tailor-made email notifications about specific APIs. This feature will help us both – we’d hate to be a burden and overwhelm your inbox with emails you don’t care about. On the other hand, we’d love to send you only useful notifications and ensure you don’t miss any important updates.

In this section, you can tick the API you want to receive the updates about, and we will send all notifications concerning this product straight to your inbox.


On top of that, you can add any email and select what messages should be sent out. This way, you can add your colleague and ensure this person is kept abreast of changes, updates, or other relevant news from DataForSEO.

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Click here if you want to set up tailor-made notifications for your account.

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