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Local Justifications in Google Maps SERP API!

March,15 2023 20:30:29

Local Justifications in Google Maps SERP API!

DataForSEO is glad to announce a new feature in Google Maps SERP API responses – Local Justifications.

Justifications are brief snippets that appear in business listings on Maps, explaining why a particular business is showing up in the results.

google local justifications dataforseo

There are several types of justifications that vary depending on the search query: menu, review, website mentions, post, sold here, and more.

In Google Maps SERP API responses, you will get both the justification type and text snippet in the new local_justifications array.

"local_justifications": [
                  "type": "user_review",
                  "text": "\"Delicious pastry and very friendly staff .\""

With the justifications feature in DataForSEO’s Google Maps SERP API, local businesses can obtain valuable information about their competitors.

We hope this update helps you and your customers stand out in local searches.

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