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Meet Lighthouse API at DataForSEO

July,23 2021 12:29:59

On-Page API
Meet Lighthouse API at DataForSEO

We are happy to announce the Lighthouse API at DataForSEO – a solution based on Google’s open-source tool for running audits on the quality of web pages and web apps.

Using Lighthouse API, you can measure the following aspects against clear 1-100 scores:

  • Performance;
  • Progressive Web App;
  • Accessibility;
  • Best Practices;
  • SEO.
    Lighthouse+Report+Viewer+ +Google+Chrome+2021 07 2


Furthermore, you can run dozens of custom audits against particular benchmarks and get straightforward recommendations.

You can generate a complete report with a simple API call. You don’t need to dive into technicalities, deploy and configure the Lighthouse repository – we’ve already done it for you.

After you receive the response, you can easily visualize it using the Lighthouse Report Viewer:

lighthouse gif

​Brought to life by Google and delivered to you through a simple integration by DataForSEO, Lighthouse is a brilliant source of technical SEO insights directly from the search engine giant.

Given that Lighthouse metrics are widely used by all SEOs, it’s definitely worth incorporating them into your software.

Click the button below to check the documentation of the On-Page Lighthouse API.
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