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New Locations for Amazon Search Volume!

January,26 2023 15:05:57

DataForSEO Labs API
New Locations for Amazon Search Volume!

We are excited to announce that businesses can now access accurate keyword search volumes for more Amazon markets!

This has become possible as we’ve extended the list of locations and languages for the Amazon Bulk Search Volume endpoint in DataForSEO Labs API.

Besides earlier available US, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates, this endpoint now supports the following locations and languages:

Australia2036, en
Austria2040, de
Canada2124, en
France2250, fr
Germany2276, de
India2356, en
Italy2380, it
Mexico2484, es
Netherlands2528, nl
Singapore2702, en
Spain2724, es
United Kingdom2826, en

Note that the List of Locations and Languages for DataForSEO Labs API does not contain data for the Amazon Bulk Search Volume endpoint.

To review the full list of currently available locations and languages with their names and codes, please, check the endpoint’s page in our docs by the link below.


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