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New Sorting and Amenities in Google Hotel Searches

December,6 2023 20:28:20

Business Data API
New Sorting and Amenities in Google Hotel Searches

Exciting news from the Google Hotel Searches endpoints in Business Data API: our latest update brings new sorting and more amenities to elevate your hotel search experiences!

New sorting options:

  • relevance – sort by most relevant
  • lowest_price – sort by the lowest price
  • highest_rating – sort by highest rating
  • most_reviewed – sort by most reviewed

The default value is relevance which corresponds to the previously available best_match option.

Google has also added five new amenities for hotels, and now supported in Google Hotel Searches endpoints:

  • "parking",
  • "indoor_pool",
  • "outdoor_pool",
  • "wheelchair_accessible",
  • "beach_access"

Explore the details and the full list of available amenitites in our updated documentation.

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