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New upgrades in the DataForSEO Labs API

August,3 2022 13:51:59

DataForSEO Labs API
New upgrades in the DataForSEO Labs API

And another one! The well-crafted set of improvements is fresh out of our factory. So to your attention –  a few upgrades in the DataForSEO Labs API suite.

We’ve added data from two new sources: App Store and Google Play. Each set of endpoints will provide you with the following insights:

  • App Competitors with their IDs and ranked keywords.
  • Keywords for App along with keyword data and the app rank.
  • Bulk App Metrics with rank distribution and keyword search volume.
  • App Intersection keywords and ranked results for up to 20 apps.

For more information, see our recent Help Center articles.

Moreover, we’ve added backlink stats to the Google Ranked Keywords and Bing Ranked Keywords endpoints.

Now for each serp_item, you can get backlinks_info and rank_info objects containing the number of backlinks, dofollow links, referring domains, and pages, as well as Page Rank and Domain Rank data.

Feel free to check our documentation below.

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