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Presenting Content Analysis API!

December,8 2022 17:38:40

Content Analysis API
Presenting Content Analysis API!

DataForSEO is always striving to offer more innovative approaches to data analysis. Our latest product – Content Analysis API – is designed to help you discover citations of the target keyword or brand from across the web, and analyze the sentiments around it.

Content Analysis API relies on DataForSEO’s machine-learning algorithms trained on vast volumes of carefully selected data.

The API supports over 70 languages, scores positive, negative, and neutral polarity in any text, and detects the level of the following emotional reactions: anger, happiness, love, sadness, share (desire to share content), and fun.

Content Analysis API currently features the following set of endpoints:

  • Search will find all citations for the target keyword and provide detailed information about each citation.
  • Summary will give you a complete overview of citation data available for the target keyword.
  • Sentiment Analysis will reveal granular citation stats by positive, negative, and neutral sentiment polarity and by sentiment connotations.
  • Rating Distribution will return citation stats distribution by content rating.
  • Phrase Trends will furnish you with detailed citation stats by date for a target keyword.
  • Category Trends will supply you with citation trends by date in a target category.

Find out more about the role of sentiment analysis and brand monitoring in business performance, and review brand management features that can be built with Content Analysis API in our new blog post.

Also, don’t hesitate to check the Content Analysis API documentation and try it in our API Explorer.

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