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Location Radius Now in Google Jobs SERP API

November,2 2023 14:18:25

Location Radius Now in Google Jobs SERP API

We’re glad to share an update to our Google Jobs SERP API. You can now define a new location_radius parameter when setting a task. It instructs Google to prioritize job results within the designated radius.

Example POST request:

        "language_code": "en",
        "location_code": 21133,
        "location_radius": "100.5",
        "keyword": ".net developer"

Note: location_radius is measured in kilometers.

For users in countries that utilize the imperial system of units, please remember to convert miles to kilometers by multiplying the mile value by 1.609.

Here are some more important details to keep in mind:

  • Maximum radius value: 300 kilometers
  • Minimum radius value: >0 kilometers

When location_radius is not specified, your search is made anywhere in the area defined by location_name or location_code.

We hope this update will improve your search experience with Google Jobs SERP API. For more comprehensive information about location_radius and other POST parameters, please visit our documentation.

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