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Related searches in Bing SERP API

January,11 2022 17:43:17

Related searches in Bing SERP API

We are happy to introduce a new improvement in SERP API.

From now on, you can retrieve ‘related searches’ using Bing Organic SERP.

Our team has added a new field in the result array that allows you to get related searches appearing in search results for a specific keyword.


                            "type": "related_searches",
                            "rank_group": 1,
                            "rank_absolute": 9,
                            "items": [
                                "albert einstein famous for",
                                "einstein question quote",
                                "albert einstein childhood story",
                                "albert einstein inventions",
                                "early life of albert einstein",
                                "albert einstein short bio",
                                "albert einstein history",
                                "albert einstein's childhood life"


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