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Revamped Databases

August,2 2022 16:55:53

Revamped Databases

The DataForSEO team is happy to announce that we have rolled out new databases and updated the structure of the current ones.

Implementing our databases, you can develop your own SEO tools, speed up processes and workflows, and build unique case-specific reports.

Below we will show the list of available databases:

Google Databases:

  • Google Keywords Database
  • Google SERPs Database
  • Google Full Database (all keywords + all SERPs)
  • Historical Google Keywords Database
  • Historical Google SERPs Database
  • Historical Google Full Database (all keywords + all SERPs)

Bing Databases:

  • Bing Keywords Database
  • Bing SERPs Database
  • Bing Full Database (all keywords + all SERPs)

Amazon Database:

  • Amazon Products Database

Google Play Database:

  • Google Play SERP Database

App Store Database:

  • App Store SERP Database

Domain Databases:

  • Domain Database

As usual, you can find all the essential information regarding our new databases in our Help Center.

Learn all the technical details in our documentation below.

See the docs

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