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Top stories element in Google News API

January,17 2022 18:11:23

Top stories element in Google News API

DataForSEO team has released a new type of item in the Google News SERP API.

Using Google News SERP Advanced endpoint, you will get the ‘Top Stories’ SERP element with necessary data in the result array.

Here is how this element looks in Google News:



For your convenience, we added the response code below:

             "type": "top_stories",
             "rank_group": 1,
             "rank_absolute": 2,
             "position": "left",
             "xpath": "/html[1]/body[1]/div[7]/div[1]/div[10]/div[1]/div[1]/div[2]/div[2]/div[1]/div[1]/g-section-with-header[1]",
             "title": "Nvidia's Shield TVs get Android 11 upgrade",
             "items": [
                 "type": "top_stories_element",
                 "source": "The Verge",
                 "domain": "www.theverge.com",
                 "title": "The Nvidia Shield is getting Android 11 and other upgrades",
                 "date": "1 day ago",
                 "amp_version": false,
                 "timestamp": "2022-01-12 18:07:51 +00:00",
                 "url": "https://www.theverge.com/2022/1/12/22880057/nvidia-shield-android-11-update-set-top-box-streaming"


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