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Track Rankings Changes in Labs API

May,13 2021 12:28:23

DataForSEO Labs API
Track Rankings Changes in Labs API

Let’s face it – historical SERP data is vital.

Yet, it takes a lot of resources to store this data, and what’s more complicated – it takes tremendous effort to figure out what’s worth keeping.

Around a week ago, we released Historical Rank Overview – a solution that helps you create a time series of any website’s search visibility.

Today I am happy to announce another useful piece of data – rank changes:

"rank_changes": {
  "previous_rank_absolute": 1,
  "is_new": false,
  "is_up": false,
  "is_down": false

The array above shows how the position of a specific element changed, comparing the last check against the previous check of Google SERP.

We’ve also added the following field in the response that indicates the previous to the most recent date when SERP data was updated:

"previous_updated_time": "2021-03-17 04:38:41 +00:00"

These fields are available in Ranked Keywords, Domain Intersection, and Page Intersection APIs.

What can you do with this data? Let’s take a look at the screenshot below:

image 3

You can easily create the same columns, display previous keyword rankings, calculate the change to let customers compare data hassle-free.

Furthermore, this update enables you to show the number of keywords that rankings went up or down and even show those keywords in detail:

image 4


Check out the documentation and be the first to integrate this data!

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