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Updated pricing in DataForSEO V3

January,25 2022 18:52:48

Updated pricing in DataForSEO V3

Our main mission is to make API usage as simple as possible. То this end, we publish detailed API documentation, provide 24/7 support, make extensive explanations in our Help Center, and more. 

But one of the elements that can mislead new visitors and customers is pricing. Therefore, we’ve simplified and made it transparent. Now operating with our pricing model, managers, developers, and any of your team can estimate API request costs hassle-free!

We will completely remove the bonus system for new registrations and for those who have never received bonuses in the last 12 months. Below, you can see API and endpoints for which we have changed the prices. The new price is charged per request:


Live endpoints – $0.003 > $0.002

Standard – $0.00075 > $0.0006

High – $0.0015 > $0.0012

Merchant – Amazon API:

amazon/products/task_post Standard – $0.0015 > $0.001

amazon/products/task_post High – $0.003 > $0.002

Business Data – Google Hotels API:

google/hotel_searches/task_post Standard – $0.0008 > $0.00075

google/hotel_searches/task_post High – $0.0016 > $0.0015

These changes will be applied on February 1st.

Prices for other endpoints remained unchanged. You can check our pricing page below.


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