DataForSEO January Digest: All the Updates You Don’t Want to Miss!


1 SERP API: new search engine (Baidu), pixel rankings, web stories feature.

2 DataForSEO Labs API: 11 new locations and a few new languages for already supported locations, historical search volume, Bing keyword data.

3 API Explorer now available for testing our API right inside your account dashboard with no code required.

4 Affiliate program: earn 25% of the first payment made by the user you invited.

5 A new white paper and a series of researches on the most trending features for different SEO software types.

6 A top-secret sneak peek. Some new, but long-awaited API, is coming reeeeally soon.

7 A few exciting company news.

Irene T.

Content Writer at DataForSEO. Irene’s linguistic background and hands-on customer support experience help her brilliantly interpret the most intricate tech topics for any audience. Together with the DataForSEO Content Team, Irene also conducts in-depth researches of the martech industry. Sign up for our newsletter to never miss the latest pieces.

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