Pricing of Backlinks API explained

DataForSEO provides services based on a pay-as-you-go model without restricted API bundles. This model gives you full control over the cost you’ll be paying and complete freedom to choose the APIs you’ll be using.

To use DataForSEO Backlinks API, you’ll need to sign up for a Backlinks API access and top up your account for $100 once a month. Basically, it is not a charge for access to this API alone since the funds will remain on your account balance and you can spend them on API usage. This sum is just a small commitment we ask for not to overload our evolving backlink infrastructure.

Importantly, you can spend the funds from your account balance on Backlinks API or on any other of our APIs. For example, if you’d like to obtain SERP data or get some keyword ideas in addition to backlinks, you’re welcome to do so. Roughly, on $100 you can analyze over 660,000 backlinks, get over 44,000 SERPs using the standard queue, and check metrics in real-time for over 440,000 keywords altogether.

If you have already opted for an auto-recharge, and the sum of your regular replenishment is over $100, you should still sign up for the Backlinks API access. In case you’d like to subscribe for access, but need to spend more than $100 monthly, you can always additionally top up your account for the necessary sum using one-time or auto-recharge options.

The pricing of Backlinks API is based on the charge per API request ($0.02) and per each retrieved data row ($0.00003). Note that you can extract a maximum of 1,000 rows with one API request. You can review the total cost for different volumes of requests and data rows in the table below.

API requests 1 1 100 1,000
Rows 1 1,000 100,000 1,000,000
Cost $0.02 + $0.00003
$0.02 + $0.03
$2 + $3
$20 + $30

To review the pricing for Backlinks API and our full data offering, please refer to our pricing page.

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