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Clickstream Metrics in DataForSEO Labs API

June,20 2024 18:02:33

DataForSEO Labs API
Clickstream Metrics in DataForSEO Labs API

Transform your SEO analytics with clickstream data, now available in Google endpoints of DataForSEO Labs API! This new data layer brings deeper insights into searchers’ behavior, audience demographics, and engagement metrics.

Clickstream data is anonymous user web behavior data, such as browsing patterns and the search terms used. In DataForSEO Labs API, clickstream data powers several new metrics that can be found in Google endpoints:

Clickstream keyword info is a new object in DataForSEO Labs API responses that contains clickstream data on the related keyword. It includes the following metrics:

search_volume – monthly average clickstream search volume rate;
last_updated_time – date and time when the clickstream dataset was updated;
gender_distribution and age_distribution – clickstream search volume distributed by gender and age, respectively;
montly_searches – monthly clickstream search volume rates.

For more details about these metrics, visit our Help Center.

Endpoints with clickstream_keyword_info:

Keyword Ideas, Keywords for Site, Keywords for Categories, Keyword Suggestions, Related Keywords, Historical Search Volume, Ranked Keywords, Top Searches, Domain Intersection, Page Intersection.

Example structure:

    "clickstream_keyword_info": {
        "search_volume": 470,
        "last_updated_time": "2024-06-04 02:07:16 +00:00",
        "gender_distribution": {
            "female": 50,
            "male": 50
        "age_distribution": {
            "18-24": null,
            "25-34": 50,
            "35-44": 50,
            "45-54": null,
            "55-64": null
        "monthly_searches": [
                "year": 2024,
                "month": 4,
                "search_volume": 470
                "year": 2024,
                "month": 2,
                "search_volume": 530

Clickstream ETV displays the approximate number of monthly visits a keyword or keywords can bring to a website. Learn more about this metric in a dedicated article on our Help Center.

Endpoints with clickstream_etv:

Categories for Domain, Ranked Keywords, Subdomains, Relevant Pages, Competitors Domain, Historical Rank Overview, Domain Intersection, Page Intersection.

Clickstream gender distribution and clickstream age distribution represent the distribution of the overall clickstream estimated traffic volume to a website or page.

Endpoints with clickstream_age_distribution and clickstream_gender_distribution:

Categories for Domain, Ranked Keywords, Subdomains, Relevant Pages, Competitors Domain, Historical Rank Overview.

Example structure:

    "clickstream_etv": 4006.6837299999997,
    "clickstream_gender_distribution": {
        "female": 18,
        "male": 81
    "clickstream_age_distribution": {
        "18-24": 0,
        "25-34": 28,
        "35-44": 68,
        "45-54": 2,
        "55-64": 0

With the addition of clickstream data, you can now:

Better understand how users interact with content in search.
Discover the gender and age distribution of your audience to tailor your marketing.
Use enhanced metrics to refine your keyword and content strategies.
Compare your performance against competitors with precise engagement data.

Explore the new clickstream data capabilities of the DataForSEO Labs API – visit our documentation for Google endpoints.

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