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Custom Mode in Backlinks API!

March,29 2023 13:53:15

Backlinks API
Custom Mode in Backlinks API!

Great news! We’ve added the possibility of setting a custom mode when making calls to the Backlinks API.

Earlier, when setting tasks to the Backlinks endpoint, you only had three options:

  • To get data on all backlinks with "mode": "as_is"
  • To get data on one most important backlink per domain with "mode": "one_per_domain"
  • To get data on one most important backlink per anchor with "mode": "one_per_anchor"

Now you can use the custom_mode parameter to get a specific number of backlinks (from 1 to 1000) per one of these fields:

  • anchor – per anchor
  • domain_from – per domain
  • domain_from_country – per country
  • tld_from – per TLD
  • page_from_encoding – per character encoding of the referring page
  • page_from_language – per language of the referring page
  • item_type – per link type (anchor, image, link, meta, canonical, alternate, redirect)
  • page_from_status_code – per HTTP status code returned by the referring page
  • semantic_location – per semantic element in HTML where the backlink is found (article, section, summary)

Example: "custom_mode": { "field": "domain_from", "value": 100 }

We recommend learning more about this new parameter from our Help Center.

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