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Enhancing Your Google SERP Tracking Experience!

May,3 2024 15:22:58

Enhancing Your Google SERP Tracking Experience!

Today we’re introducing a feature in SERP API that will revolutionize how you track rankings! With the new target parameter, you can effortlessly focus on specific domains in both Regular and Advanced endpoints of Live Google Organic SERP API.

How does it work?
Simply specify a domain, subdomain or webpage in the target field, and our API will return results only for that target. Note that the results of target-specific tasks will only include SERP elements that contain a url string in their structure.

Utilize the wildcard character (‘*’) to define search patterns and narrow down results.

example.com – return results for the website’s home page with URLs https://example.com, or https://www.example.com/, or https://example.com/;
*example.com – returns results for the website’s home page regardless of the subdomain, such as https://en.example.com/;
example.com* – returns results for the domain, including all its pages;
*example.com* – returns results for the entire domain, including all its pages and subdomains;
example.com/example-page – returns results for the exact URL;
example.com/example-page* – returns results for all domain’s URLs that start with the specified path.

This new feature is designed to simplify SERP tracking and streamline your workflow, whether you’re monitoring your own website or analyzing competitor rankings.

Quick recap:
Advanced endpoint supplies a complete overview of organic results, paid ads and all SERP features. Regular endpoint provides data for featured_snippet, organic and paid types only.

Get started today! Upgrade your SERP tracking experience by incorporating the new “target” parameter. Dive into our updated documentation of Live Google SERP API.

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