Google SERP data for in-depth search analytics
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The most comprehensive data reflection of Google SERPs

time to market

Use out-of-the-box client libraries and developer docs to swiftly integrate any DataForSEO API and reduce the development time.

Ensure greater
cost efficiency

With DataForSEO APIs you will cut the cost of building data mining infrastructure and save your development budget.

Introduce scalability
by design

Our service is scalable by default. Working with DataForSEO you don’t have to worry about designing scalable backend from scratch.

All Google SERP features

Get all complete results with Advanced SERP API

The advanced function of DataForSEO SERP API will provide you with the most complete overview of Google results pages, including all search results elements.

From featured snippets and map packs to knowledge graphs and carousels – you will get complete results for desktop and mobile SERPs.

Supported SERP features

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Our Google SERP API features dozens of setting parameters and filters.
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Granular SERP data

Get search results data for any location and language

SERP API provides the most granular geo-targeting options available on the market. You can get results for a particular region, district, or even ZIP code.

What’s more, you can use GPS coordinates to get even more precise results.

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Why hundreds of enterprises choose DataForSEO

Fast delivery

The shortest response time in the industry

Operational resilence

Our APIs are reliable, scalable, and secure by default

24/7 support

Our proactive customer support team is ready to help you anytime

No bureaucracy

You don’t need to sign any contracts and be bound by any conditions

SERP API Pricing

Live priority

Avg. turnaround time
up to 6 seconds
$ 0.002 SERP
$ 2 1000 SERPs

High priority

Avg. turnaround time
up to 1 minute
$ 0.0012 SERP
$ 1.2 1000 SERPs

Standard priority

Avg. turnaround time
5 minutes*
$ 0.0006 SERP
$ 0.6 1000 SERPs

*the guaranteed turnaround time is 45 minutes

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Release in days, not weeks

Moving a product to the market or integrating a new data source can take a lot of time and money. We accelerate this process by providing everything you need to build an efficient solution.

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Well-rounded documentation


GUI for API usage control


Ad hoc integration and deployment support

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Customer story


On the Map Marketing bring rank tracking in-house with DataForSEO SERP API

“SERP data is difficult, especially when you have to run 50k keywords daily. DataForSEO really makes our life easier. The support that DataForSEO provides is absolutely amazing, all the issues we had they addressed within minutes. Plus the price they are offering beats competitors. I would recommend them to anyone who needs high volume SERP data.”

Kaspars Milbergs, the CTO at On the Map Marketing

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