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Meet Google Autocomplete SERP API!

December,7 2023 18:39:37

Meet Google Autocomplete SERP API!

We’re thrilled to unveil a powerful new addition to SERP API — Google Autocomplete!

Google Autocomplete is a feature within Google Search that makes it easier to start the search session. When a user starts to type, Autocomplete generates predictions of possible queries with the enetered word or characters.
autocomplete in google search

In DataForSEO SERP API, new Google Autocomplete endpoints provide the suggestions Google offers in its search box for a specific keyword, search client, and cursor pointer position.

Our previous API version used to offer Google Autocomplete data, and now we’re giving it a new life within API v3. This time, we’ve revamped Google Autocomplete endpoints and introduced new optional parameters:

cursor_pointer – the cursor’s position within the entered keyword influences the quantity and content of results.
client – the browser and search platform indirectly impact the format and number of results.

Based on these parameters and other factors, the number of Autocomplete results may vary, but you can typically get up to 15 keyword suggestions. For a deep dive into the new parameters and additional factors impacting the resulting data, check out our comprehensive article on DataForSEO Help Center.

Also, don’t hesitate to test Google Autocomplete SERP API in our API Explorer!

autocomplete dataforseo api test

To start leveraging Google Autocomplete endpoints and integrate them into your workflow, see our updated documentation with helpful examples.

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