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New in DataForSEO Labs Endpoints

April,12 2024 18:23:56

DataForSEO Labs API
New in DataForSEO Labs Endpoints

Meet a new enhancement to the DataForSEO Labs API, specifically in the Ranked Keywords and Page Intersection endpoints for Google and Bing.

Previously, to obtain the Keyword Difficulty metric in the Ranked Keywords and Page Intersection enpoints of DataForSEO Labs API for Google and Bing, you had to set the include_serp_info parameter to true when submitting a task, as this metric appeared within the serp_info object.

Now, Keyword Difficulty along with core_keyword, synonym_clustering_algorithm and other data, is provided in the keyword_properties object that is included in the responses by default, regardless of the include_serp_info parameter settings.

Here’s the list of endpoints where you can find new keyword_properties object:

We hope this update simplifies your data retrieval process and enhances your overall experience of the DataForSEO Labs API.

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