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Get Product Condition in Google Shopping Sellers

November,30 2022 18:57:47

Merchant API
Get Product Condition in Google Shopping Sellers

Today we’re announcing a small improvement that can make a big difference for ecommerce software and businesses. We’ve added a product condition parameter to our Google Shopping Sellers API responses.

You can now get data on whether an offered product is Used, Refurbished, or New if this information is indicated by the seller.

Note that there is no need to do any changes on your end. Simply prepare your system to process the new "product_condition" parameter appropriately.

In the example below you can see how "product_condition" appears last in the structure of an element.

 "type": "shops_list",
 "rank_group": 2,
 "rank_absolute": 2,
 "position": "right",
 "xpath": "/html[1]",
 "domain": "swappa.com",
 "title": "Apple iPhone 12 - 128 GB - Purple - Unlocked",
 "url": "https://swappa.com/listings",
 "details": "Free delivery",
 "base_price": 472,
 "tax": null,
 "shipping_price": null,
 "total_price": 472,
 "currency": "USD",
 "seller_name": "Swappa",
 "rating": {
   "type": "rating_element",
   "position": "left",
   "rating_type": "Max5",
   "value": "4.9",
   "votes_count": null,
   "rating_max": "5"
 "shop_ad_aclk": null,
 "product_condition": "Used"

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