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Search Intent in DataForSEO Labs Endpoints!

March,27 2023 17:42:00

DataForSEO Labs API
Search Intent in DataForSEO Labs Endpoints!

Today, we’re glad to share a new addition to our powerful DataForSEO Labs API! Besides a recently introduced bulk Search Intent endpoint, the search intent data is now available in a number of Google endpoints!

You will get a search_intent_info object in the responses of:

Along with the main_intent for a keyword, the search_intent_info object will also contain additional intents (if any) in the foreign_intent array.

Here’s an example.

  "search_intent_info": {
    "se_type": "google",
    "main_intent": "informational",
    "foreign_intent": [
    "last_updated_time": "2023-03-03 06:03:46 +00:00"

Learn more about search intent by visiting our Help Center.

To take a closer look at search intent optimization and review software solutions that have incorporated intent recognition – check our latest blog post.

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