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Image Thumbnails in Autocomplete SERP API

June,3 2024 17:45:30

Image Thumbnails in Autocomplete SERP API

Meet a new enhancement to the DataForSEO’s Google Autocomplete API, designed to augment your SERP data retrieval!

We’ve integrated a new field into the Google Autocomplete API responses: thumbnail_url. It enables you to retrieve images associated with Autocomplete predictions using our API.

Here’s an example of how thumbnails appear in Google’s search box dropdown.

google autocomplete thumbnail

We’ve also supported a new client, gws-wiz-serp, which is tailored for queries originating from the SERP itself.

Note: the thumbnail_url field is available only when using the following clients:

  • gws-wiz — used in Google search home page;
  • gws-wiz-serp — used in Google search engine results pages.

Ensure that your requests include one of these clients to obtain the new thumbnail_url field. To update your requests properly, visit our documentation for Google Autocomplete SERP API.

We hope these improvements empower you with more comprehensive data. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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