DataForSEO Labs API — Whois Pricing

Whois API provides a list of domains with timelines, updates, status messages, and other related ICAN data. What’s more, each domain in the response array is supplied with relevant SERP metrics.

Whois API supports the Live mode of data processing and implies that your account will be billed for both setting a task and retrieving its results.

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Live mode
Real-time results with a single POST request
Turnaround time
up to 2 seconds on average
Price per task
Price per domain
Price for 1M domains
The number of rows you can get in response is limited to 1000, so you will have to make 1,000 requests in order to obtain 1M domains and related data.
Given that the price for setting a task is $0.1 and the price per each row is $0.001, the price for 1M domains is calculated as follows:
1,000*0.1 + 1,000,000*0.001 = $1,100

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